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Our Kindergarten Section

Life in Kindergarten

Kindergarten children are constantly encountering new experiences and are seeking to understand them to build on what they already know. They learn in many different ways: playing, talking, observing, planning, questioning, exploring, repeating, reflecting and responding to adults and each other. In Nursery, we aim to plan learning experiences that consider the needs of children and achievements in order to help them progress.
Twinbrook International School

Dual Language Method

This is a Program in which two languages are used for instruction: English and, in our case, a local language. 50% of instruction is provided by a mother tongue teacher and 50% is provided by an English mother tongue teacher, working together as a team. The students are integrated during most of the day, allowing them to learn from each other as proficient peer models. This model allows for additive bilingualism for all students, meaning that academic progress will be maintained in the first language while the student obtains proficiency in a second language.

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