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International Partnerships


We partner with schools allover the world

The rate of internationalization is growing rapidly, with unhindered communication channels and inexpensive travel. Schools across the world are already seeking to make the most of the possibilities this presents by forming global partnerships and fostering relationships with each other.
Twinbrook International School

Its what students have always wanted

What is good for the students is good for the school. The number of students choosing to study internationally is constantly increasing and, for this reason, it is only logical that schools would want to increase internationalization and attract applicants from across the globe.
In the globalized society we live in, international collaboration programs help by providing students with the ability to study, work, and travel in an international capacity.

Why Choose To Partner With Twinbrook International Schools

Cultural exchange is a great way to make connections to the wider world. By hosting an international teacher or student, you open the door to greater global competency among your students and community.

Retain teaching staff and build a positive school culture

There are higher levels of satisfaction with professional learning, school culture and leadership opportunities, all key indicators for retention. Attracting and retaining high-quality teachers which is essential for student growth and keeping recruitment costs down.

We are an open minded school

The ability to scrutinize, debate, and share experience is essential for academic and scientific accomplishment. Constructively challenging accepted opinions and ideas is central to their development, and international collaborations help to facilitate this.

Our Committement to Prepare students for the future.

The change in Teachers' practice to include real-world challenges, helps develop cultural literacy and global awareness in students.

Student and teacher engagement

Our vision for global learning has been developed through an effective collaboration among staff, students and stakeholders. Students and teachers engage in real-world problem solving and critical thinking.

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